Sports Academies

The resort will see the inauguration of four sports academies for the chosen disciplines of football, golf, tennis and surfing. This latter is also well represented in the region since the resort is close to world class spots that have always attracted amateurs and specialists in this field.

These academies will allow amateurs and professionals to practice their sport in a friendly and quiet site equipped according to the highest international standards.

In addition to developing a new formula of tourism around sports, these academies will enable Morocco to train future champions.



The construction of a surf academy shapes Taghazout Bay’s image as a world renowned surf spot and enhances the position of the region in terms of sustainable development through integrating young people of the region by providing adapted structures letting then to turn into future champions.



Located next to an 18-hole golf course, the Golf Academy of Taghazout Bay will be developed according to the highest standards.

It will welcome to professionals, high-level players and amateurs. These latter will be supported by the teachers of the Golf Academy to help them continually improve their game capacities through personalized coaching and efficient tools.

The Academy will provide golfers with:

  • Trainings and installations for all levels ;
  • Private lessons with certified Golf professionals ;
  • Introductory Golf courses ;
  • Golf Clinic including a personalized video analysis (allows to film players in action to visualize and analyze their swings) ;
  • Improvement of the short game and putting techniques ;
  • Use of the latest technologies to help improve swing techniques ;
  • Creation of custom-made clubs according to the level of play, morphology and style of each player ;
  • Custom-made Programs.

Interview with Maha Haddioui



Spread over 5 hectares, the tennis academy of Taghazout Bay will include several courses and a multifunctional sports hall. It will be managed by a globally recognized operator and meet the SAPST commitments in terms of sustainable development through sports as a means of integrating young people and training them to become elite athletes. Thanks to the sports-study system, these young people can juggle school and sports training.

The academy will also offer packages combining week-long trainings and accommodations, while welcoming young people in a safe and secure environment.



Taghazout Bay also includes a football academy run by a world-class operator with its own accommodation structure. This academy will help to share the passion of Moroccans for football and meet the commitments of SAPST to sustainable development, with the objectives of contributing to the education of young people, teaching basic sport values and discovering high-level football players.

Out of season, the international professional teams will have the opportunity to organize pre-competition trainings in Taghazout Bay. They will benefit from an ideal climate and infrastructure built according to best international standards.

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