Quality Management

Seeking to meet the highest international standards in terms of Quality, Safety and Environment, SAPST is committed to a progressive approach aiming to achieve a triple certification to ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 standards..

This will enable the company not only to ensure better control of its processes by placing the satisfaction of all its stakeholders at the heart of its concerns, but also to control the risks related to health and safety of workers, to limit the impact of Taghazout Bay resort on its external environment and to comply with legal and regulatory requirements in force.

The implementation of this system provides a basis for the sustainable development approach initiated successfully by SAPST, by the introduction of a various economically, socially and environmentally responsible actions in the design and development of the resort.

Main SAPST orientations are described according to the QSE policy (below) to the project in a continued progress approach and be in line with the rate tourism strategy in the field of sustainable development.

QSE policy

The planning and development of Taghazout Bay has been started as one of the flagship projects of the Plan Azur. To the north of Agadir, spanning an area of about 615 hectares, the resort consists of the creation of several hotels, a golf course with 18 holes, a residential area, a Medina, a surfg village, sports infrastructures recreation facilities, a cooperative of Argan tree...

SAPST strategic orientations are in line with the Vision 2020 strategy that meets the following key points:

  • The development of a responsible and sustainable tourism: through the contribution to the socio-economic development of the surrounding villages, the promotion of local resources and respect for the environment ;
  • The quality and diversity of the tourist offer: by proposing a set of products that meet the needs of a wide range of customers ;
  • Effective governance: the setting up of consultation mechanisms between all stakeholders (partners, public authorities, collectivities, associations, residents and the general public) to ensure the development of a shared project that meets the needs and expectations of all.
  • A consistent development of the territory: by taking into account the various landscape and natural assets of the region and its integration in compliance with the territory development directives.

Strongly committed to enroll in these national orientations and seeking to meet the highest international standards,SAPST is engaged in an improvement process that will allow it to place the satisfaction of all its stakeholders at the heart of its concerns, to control the risks related to health and safety of workers, to limit the impact of the resort on its external environment, to seek environmental performance in its constructions and thus ensure sustainable development.

In this context, our priorities focus on the following main orientations:

  • Listening to our stakeholders and seeking to permanently satisfy them by adapting our offer to their current and future needs ;
  • Strengthening relationships with our partners and suppliers by supporting adequately the integration of our Quality, Health, Safety and Environment requirements as part of their services;
  • Complying with the applicable legal and regulatory framework and other requirements related to our activities, services and products as well as to the principles of Environment, Health and Safety at work ;
  • Minimizing the disturbances and prevent the impacts of our projects on the environment, through a proper waste management, energy consumption ration and control of possible pollutions ;
  • Ensuring the safety and health protection of workers during the construction phase through the control and prevention of occupational hazards;
  • Seeking, permanently, better performance of our processes and establishing a continuous approach ;
  • Ensuring the suitability of our resources, both human and material, to our ambitions

In order to achieve the objectives under our policy and to support the implementation of this major project in accordance with the requirements of Quality, Safety and Environment, SAPST is committed to provide all the necessary material resources and an appropriate working environment.

The success of this improvement process, can not be guaranteed without the support and involvement of all. Therefore, I (ask) each employee to get involved in our approach and communicate it to all of our partners.

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