One of the key elements of the project is the Medina which connects the waterfront to its hinterland. This strategic evolution provides a central integration mutually beneficial to the two neighboring villages. The Medina will provide a platform for entertainment shows and cultural events and a multitude of cafes, restaurants, shops, galleries and places.

During the day, it will be a shopping destination offering local art and handicraft products next to international brands. In the evening, the Medina will be an important entertainment center, providing a variety of activities, restaurants, clubs and shows.

Visitors can relax on the terrace while enjoying the sunset, stroll along the promenade, watch a street performance in one of the various squares or enjoy the talents of local artisans through the open-air stalls..


The Medina of Taghazout Bay is the nerve center of the resort with a diverse range of shops, restaurants, etc.

The Medina is based on five components:

  • Catering services along the seaside promenade ;
  • A shopping offer ;
  • An entertainment offer ;
  • A services offer (banks, post office ...) ;
  • Craft centre and its tasting restaurant.


In perfect harmony with its policy of sustainable development, Taghazout Bay resort offers many activities consistent with the positioning of the resort, especially within the Medina:

  • Traditional Local activities: organization of a folkloric and traditional carnival, circuits in the form of gastronomic walks, themed traditional culinary workshops...
  • Cultural activities : exhibitions of contemporary art, sound and light musical shows, outdoor cinema ...
  • Sport activities: Street Dance Competition…
  • Recreational activities: Aourir’s banana-eating contest, record challenge of the biggest Tajine...
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