The vision


In perfect harmony with its policy of sustainable development, the Taghazout Bay resort benefits from an important management and entertainment plan.

This plan was put in place to appreciate the local heritage, ensure a high quality of service and position Taghazout Bay as a resort of choice.

The management plan provides a variety of services aiming to ensure maximum comfort for residents and tourists, including intra-site transportation with low environmental policy impacts, an environmentally responsible waste management (sorting, composting green waste), and a special care for cleaning and daily beach sifting, a true national landscape heritage. One of the priorities of the resort management is also to be actively involved in the operational maintenance of the infrastructures in place. The maintenance effort will focus both on the management of road infrastructures, the lighting of roads and the maintenance of light points and urban furniture. Finally, the resort security will be placed in the heart of the concerns of SAPST. It will involve several complementary aspects, including physical surveillance, control of access to residential zones and video surveillance controls.

In terms of entertainment, the Taghazout Bay Resort will offer many activities ranging from traditional local activities to cultural and sporting events. Entertainment activities for children and families as well as festivals and discovery tours are also planned.

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